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Kent Isaacs was a music industry entrepreneur based in Sweden and has been working in the music business since the early 80′s. Started off as a musician, transitioning into the studio and out on stage, working with International and many of Sweden’s most established recording artists. Moving forward to the producer/technician/recording and mixing-role where he produced, recorded and cowrote with several Grammy winning and gold/platina selling International and Swedish recording artists


He has established and renowned studios like the first Cosmos Studios (which Max Martin later acquired from him) and 2001, the huge old Abbey Road owned classical Emi-studios (Cosmos Studios) in Stockholm.

Cosmos Studios was one of Europe’s biggest and purpose built, state-of-the-art songwriting and recording facility Located in Stockholm with  it äs 10 studios. It originally opened for business in the early sixties and has since been a creative hub for hundreds of prominent International an Scandinavian artists, musicians, songwriters and producers.

While working as a consultant of agreements and contact related issues in the music business, he also operated his own publishing company/producer house at Cosmos Studios. Since having everything in house, a Record label was the next step and quickly moved on into new areas of the music industry. 2009, the acquisition of Bonnier Amigo, (now Cosmos Music), which is Scandinavia’s largest independent music company. 

2015 Cosmos Music acquired the Independent Publishing Company  Scandinavian Songs, now Cosmos Publishing that houses Cosmos Publish Studios 7 studios in the centre of Stockholm.

Cosmos Studios was sold 2013 and is now called Baggpipe Studios

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